Scene Reads Scripts for 25 May

Kristin Gammill

Shawn Warner

Fred Nolting

Heather Alexander Treulieb

& Pat Mikulec

Gemie Martin

Audrey Ero

Notes for Actors

Many scripts have been augmented with Acrobat comments to simulate an author highlighting the lines for individual characters. The highlights are different characters are different colors, and boxes have been drawn around the narrator text.

The Adobe-distributed PDF reader apps (both the free reader and Acrobat Pro) have an additional comment management feature that can be helpful to actors. Comments can be filtered based on the name of the "reviewer"

(or author), which in this case is the name of the character. In this way, selecting the filter for one character will

cause all the highlights for all the other characters to be suppressed.


If you have agreed to read two or more characters, the select just those characters to see highlights for only the lines that you have agreed to read. 

Although the testing has not been exhaustive, non-Adobe apps and web browsers probably do not have the comment management feature described above.