Claudio Martinez-Valle

  • Vegas Movie Awards New York Film Awards

  • The American Film Awards

  • Pitch Now Screenplay Competition

The following is a true story. Long before I knew how to read and write, I already knew I wanted to create horror stories. I was a kid from Mexico City who was afraid of the dark but loved scary monster movies. So, horror films became part of my life.


Probably, Claudio was the only 6-year-old who knew The Shining and The Exorcist word by word, line by line. Years later, as an adult, after working in advertising as a creative director, Claudio decided to follow his true passion: writing horror films, and... That’s how Field Trip was born.


Today, his mission as a filmmaker is to make audiences’ hearts jump with the most frightening monsters and unique heroes. In short, make people happy, by scaring the Hell out of them, just like his heroes did when he was a kid.

Contests and Awards

  • COVERFLY – Top 6% All Time Scripts at Coverly out of 50,000 Austin Under the Stars Film Festival

  • Big Apple Film Festival Festigious Film Festival

  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Hollywood HorrorFest

  • Lift-Off Los Angeles London International Film Festival

  • B&B Film Festival

  • International Cult Movie Festival

  • Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival




Feature Length Screenplay